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OH DOUBLE CRAP CRAP [Jul. 6th, 2005|11:20 am]
[lonely |crazycrazy]
[evanessence |Mr. Brightside]

I am in California right now. It has been alright. Going to a baseball game in 45 minutes and it will be fun...hopefully. I talk to Maria today on Yahoo Messanger it was cool, but it was only for like 15 minutes though. Go me I got my Ps2 and I beat kingdomhearts in 34 hours YAH!!!!!!

Called Cassie she was in Flagstaff, I forgot about that. I talked to Laura though that was fun...4th of July was fun because we drove to Fontana and lit off a bunch of Illeagal fireworks, it was cool. Sorry Ryan I can't come and see you my dad thinks that you are some 40 yearold man who wants to rape me O.O

Ya school...HOLY SHIT, school is coming up fast and it sucks oh well, maybe I will take drivers Ed or something. I don't know if I can.

When I told my boss scotty that I had to leave for 3 weeks he kinda flipped and stuff. He was mad.

Maria says she is dying of boredum. I wish I was in Europe...like that will ever happen.

My dad finally let me on after I crashed his computer multiple times. X.X

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an alright movie, it was pretty funny though, it made some sense but, I don't know.

I wanna see Fantastic 4 though it looks good. I don't know what is going on with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was gonna see it with Tak but I don't think that it is at our theaters anymore.

Woot I am done and oh yah...Maria if you breath a one word of who I like I will hunt you down and do something that I can't think of but you better watch it...maybe...I think...
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People are very stupid. [May. 29th, 2005|08:51 pm]
[lonely |happyhappy]

Tak and I sorta made up on Yahoo Messenger because somehow whatever I wrote in my last post didn't really fix anything. Although Tak and I have set aside our difference, I really don't think we are stronger as friends. I have decided to go to Steph's birthday party this weekend even if Julia is there or not. I don't care if she goes, but Julia thinks I am mad at her, which is bullshit.

Beside the fact that I believe Julia has lied doesn't mean that I would care. As for LJ, people are beginning to think that LJ is like a chatroom. LJ is merely a place for your thoughts and feelings, not other people's basic opinion because Tak is telling people what I wrote in my LJ, which was Friends Only, not that I need anymore drama, but hey.

I'm not mad I'm just annoyed because he also told Maria that talking with me wouldn't solve anything, but I thought he wasn't mad. I just wish that he would have told me this himself, but instead he went and told my friend AGAIN forgetting that I would find out.

It's really surprising because I felt extremely bad for him today, but after what he told Maria over Yahoo Messenger, I don't know what to think anymore. It's really annoying when people you don't know comment on your LJ about what happen in a post that has nothing to do with anything that's going on. My LJ posts have nothing to do with anyone else. It's my thoughts, my feelings, my actions. That's what I thought LJ was for, not for you to be judged by everything you write. That's bullshit, but whatever. You guys are going to keep continuing this anyways.

I don't think Tak should be telling anyone anyways because I blocked Julia from my LJ even thought I didn't know it. o.O

I still cannot believe how bad LJ turned out to be because I really did not want to cause drama besides the fact that Tak is already depressed enough. Why would I want to cause him more depression despite what I said yesterday.

God! Jesus! Moses! Noah! Joseph! Peter! John! Mark! Holy Spirit! Adam and Eve!

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YAH [May. 9th, 2005|06:33 pm]
[lonely |anxiousanxious]

I fucking got CLAMP NO KISEKI!!!
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DISNEY [Apr. 26th, 2005|08:26 am]
[lonely |accomplishedaccomplished]

You know I love Disney Movies;

but I don't know my favorite...I love Sword in the Stone, I hate Little Mermaid,Beauty and The Beast was my favorite when I was little, but I don't know...TELL ME YOURS
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JESUS [Apr. 19th, 2005|06:09 pm]
[lonely |giddygiddy]

Larry Brought Home Another CAR!!!!

That's like the 10th one...X.X JESUS!

MY Live Journal is Awsome!, I Love it!

Thank you Maria
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[lonely |lovedloved]

CASSIE AND I ARE IN LOVE!!!!! THAT's RIGHT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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VERY AWKWARD [Apr. 18th, 2005|07:36 pm]
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LOVE YOUS [Apr. 14th, 2005|06:00 pm]
Cassie's cheating on me AGAIN!!!!!!

Just kidding

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ME AND CASSIE.....WOW [Apr. 14th, 2005|04:34 pm]
[lonely |ecstaticecstatic]
[evanessence |Breath no more in my pants]

Wow, me and Cassie are going out now...it's great

today I walked home with her holding hands...it was cool...until we walked by these dogs and they barked like they were about to die, and me and cassie were like...JESUS! Scared the shit out of us!

Anyways when we got to her house, we watched Moon Child...and somehow with all the bloody gorey stuff Cassie fell asleep and I thought that was weird, she fell right on my lap...oh cassie looked so adorable, Oh! Pretty PrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPretty...

YES!, I am at her house right now and she is going Pee...she the gatorade X.X...cassie tends to go pee whenever she sees yellow gatorade...O.O

Pretty funny.

Anyways back to Moon Child, how could someone fall asleep during the movie with screams and yelling and horrible, ugly looking people running around naked and blowing up by missles and then getting eaten by demented people who wanted food.
Cassie and I were laughing the whole time, until she went to sleep.

Her room is PRETTY-opens eyes- it has duckys onit...I think she gets horney from it..tee hee...

Tomorrow Cassie and I are going to the beach hint-hint- I wonder what is gonna happen...


I am giddy!!
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JESUS [Apr. 9th, 2005|02:53 pm]
Broke up with Julia...
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2005|07:05 pm]
Well what's new?-

I am getting invited so TAK's party...at the beach, hardware store or some other place....

I started worrying a lot more and it's causing a tone problems at school and karate for me...

Kaydee my new friend is really cool and talks to me about drama...

Maria is now in obsessing over charmed which is pretty funny to see since I had no idea she like it until a few weeks ago.

I have a job now so I can buy CCS stuff.

getting a Cellphone next month

Julia and I are getting to the point where we thinking further in our relationship -10 months next week-

Kamel's dog had stiches

Cassie has been asked out more than God gets prayers in just the past week!

Ashley and I started talking a ton more and are laughin a lot.

And I really want to write more, but I have to go...vaacuum my mom's office...don't know why though....

RYAN YOUR AWSOME, Ryan I am talking to you...from california....ya that ryan...

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O MY FREAKING GOD!!! [Jan. 21st, 2005|05:13 pm]
I am actually updating!

Hoorah! Anyways my birthday was two weeks ago, and thank you Ryan for calling me and saying Happy Birthday!

Christmas was good except when I travled to CA for a visit to my family, I started a family crisis...x.x, I was told from my cousins that My grandma hated my step-mom, so I brought to my dad who told my grandma who freaked and told me and that cap and now my fmaily is like, what the FUCK?

Today after school Kamel invited me to see ELektra for the second time, yah!...I liked it.But anyways awe went to the pound and So Kamel could pick out a dog she wanted for her birthday coming up in less then a month. They were barking and howling so I stomped my foot down and Yelled "SHUT UP!" They did, but Kamel picked out the cutest Puppy in the world,well I a don't know about in the World but ya know...We took it out to play with it before she made a decision and the puppy pissed on the floor...O.O

Well Hi, Ashley! I hope everything is great with everyone and I am happy to see you doing so well.

Uh...well I ordered A couple Cardcaptor Sakura things! The whole series, two video games for gameboy, and a sticker set, they should be in today, but who knows?

I just want to say thanks agian RYAN...or Ridalin User
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....WHAT?.... [Sep. 9th, 2004|04:53 pm]
[lonely |aggravatedaggravated]

OK, I Had brought up my grade in science to a 76%,My mom says I am very proud of you,(course I am glad to hear that because of what might have happend)Then my mom goes well if it weren't for those F's it would be a high "B", everything just shattered on me...My mom said ok well I will let this "c" slide though...O.O...YA So I guess it wasn't as bad as Kamel had suggested it at school thought.

Man Life, what is it for? Honestly does anyone have any idea?
Are you supposed to suffer? Is this punishment for something I had done? Am I supposed to be happy or is My best Freind,Kamel when she is upset? Am I supposed to be Happy or My girlfreind, Moose when she is feeling Neglected? I just...Am I supposed to be happy when my sister hangs "NO LOOSER MARIO ALLOWED" On her door and find out my own mom had written for her?(by the way Kamel I am so doing that on my door)

I don't know what is going on...but does anyone know?
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SHHHOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Sep. 8th, 2004|04:29 pm]
[lonely |amusedamused]
[evanessence |LIES]

Ok So today went alright,fell asleep in science class and neve finished our assignment...After school Kamel got angry at her Journalism teacher for being a DOUCHE,and my mom was a couple minutes late.

When I had gotten in the car Savannah had candy,a lion and a gaterrade thingy...Savannah had this magazine sell,for the weekend and I had not known about it,My mom took me to her office and that's where I am now. I asked my mom If I could go to the vending machines, to get a drink, Savannah had said "OOhhh can I get one too? My Mom said you already have one, not uh it's warm...<.< I am like what? My mom gives in!I am like Mom she already has a drink and my mom ignores me...

Good News=Larry is going out of town tomorrow!YA!

Well my day wasn't that bad to be honest, so to sum it up

Me and Moose=great, Me and Kamel=grrreat, Me and Savannah=no comment...,

Note to self:Make enough courage to talk me mom, Call Kamel after Samari Lessons, and SHHHOTH!!!

Ok now that school is done talking about, I met someone on LJ. Her name is N'Dare she is a mutant,she rocks,to her first Lj post I comented like:

O My Fucking God! your like a mutant? -backs away- that's rad!! Hey do you think you can flood Lake Havasu City? Me and my freind need tuesday or wednesday either one...you pick and do you think I can come to your mansion and show you off to my friends? Wow me and you are like totally awsome together...I tell you what to do and you do it! YA...I am kidding that's totally rad...hey smack michael for me ok?

yup that's my comment, Kamel thought it was funny, and so do I!
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Not For Your Ears: I'll be anything for you [Sep. 5th, 2004|03:10 pm]
[lonely |curiouscurious]

They never let me go on the internet...they never trust me...they never tell me things and so on...

Family Guy rocks! Me and Kamel continue to laugh and stuff, it's so funny...

School is great and am so glad that I ain't failing,Except science (cough 41% cough)

Well nothing has really been going on so I guess that's it, I am trying to write again but writer's block continue to override me and such...Well I got to go for now and tell you about my boring life...

Oh ya Kamel wrote a thing about me for a class,it's good...
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2004|08:07 pm]
[lonely |confusedconfused]
[evanessence |Fallen,Origins and Not For Your Ears]

uh me is Scared of Kero and Sarah from I-O-W-A (god I finally got it right)Y family Is so Fn mest up!

My grandpa thingy died and my decided to tell me 3 days after it had happend X.X....Savannah thinks that I am lieing everytime I say something...Larry thinks that he can rule me and never ever let me go on...God I is so, I don't know

School isn't doing so hot...everytime I hang out with Kamel I see Mooses puppy dog eyes and feel really bad...I am just so worried that If I Talk to Moose alot I would hurt Kamel's feelings and stuff...I worry about her and Moose so much that I can't bare it anymnore...Everyday after school I always feel sick and feel like crying or somehting and I couldn't tell you...

Good thing is that Ferret's party is gonna be so much fun I can't wait and then maybe for a movie afterward but I aint sure about that!

Oh well I kinda Miss everything that has happened...For tomorrow it willl be exactly one year since we all went to Ferret's house...And on Halloween willl be awsome...

Not to self...never ever tell mom your board or she will put you in Community service!!!
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I wrote another poem! Yah -screams- [Aug. 20th, 2004|09:03 pm]
[lonely |happyhappy]

Well...everything is alright I guess but I told Kamel something I never thought I would tell her,I did...but will not repeat it ever...This new poem I wrote was based upon how I felt a couple days ago I have never written anything like this before so here goes....

Our Love

Taste of love is forgotten, has broken…
I am empty you are gone.
No more sadness is that so wrong?
I am ashes, as you threw me away.
I continue to watch day after day.
Disappearing from all but my thoughts.
You stair deep inside,
Became scared you run to hide.
It wouldn’t matter you’re only one.
There may be millions more but this is fun.
I start to walk you’re ahead.
I love your screaming in my head.
Begin to be horrified you, there’s no way out.
None can hear you as you shout.
You went a way, got what you came for.
You wanted in, I opened the door.
You will not be able to do this anymore.
My love for you is gone, only hate.
From when you left me in the rain.
Left me there to feel your pain.
So now you are trapped in the depths of my soul.
You will suffer and take the toil.
Falling forever, you will never hurt or feel.
It’s your fault that our love was real.

I really like this and hope it is good...

Me is excited....Tomorrow I am going to the movies! ya...
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2004|06:18 pm]
[lonely |contentcontent]
[evanessence |Not for your ears]

I found out who that person is....It's Stephanie...Ferret's best freind and she neglected to tell me T.T...
Ferret, Steph and I are gonna go to the Movies sometime in the next week...I think...I not sure...Kamel introduced me to a buddy in somewhere in some state beginning with an "I"...I am not sure about that either...

Larry is still sulking and becoming more and more Tramatic with me,Savannah and "my problem" he says...I don't know but why do step-dads think they can rule the world through your Mother?...I don't know...

Well good News my Mum had her Kid,bad news she swelling up like another is on the way -_____-

Savannah's Freind is over and all they are doing is running around screaming trying to get me to fall over there toys or sumthin...I really confoosed...

Ok School right now is great...Me and Kamel=great, Me and Moose=great,Me and Everyone is Great...except my pathetic Family....Everyday after school I Look forward to getting threats by some junior chick,get tackled by my good softmore freind, and get to smack Llama every day after as well!! It is very Fun!!

Well by for now...and I don't think I can write poems anymore I have no motivation and can't think of anygood ideas
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Kamel is very happy about this: [Aug. 14th, 2004|06:23 pm]
[lonely |amusedamused]
[evanessence |" The world comes to an end"]

Kamel : omfg
Kamel : the president just posted pictures... of halle's birthday gift
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...what?
ebil_owl_of_darkness: cool buddy!
Kamel : i'm too afraid to look
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...you looser...
ebil_owl_of_darkness: hey dju forget again?
Kamel : nuu
Kamel : i was going to call you
Kamel : ...duuude!
Kamel : i'm on the link... and i don't want to click on the pictures. x.x
Kamel : OMFG!!!!!
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...kamel...come down take deep breath -imitates breathing-
Kamel : I see my logo!!!!!
Kamel : x.x
Kamel : -dies-
Kamel : http://www.hallewood.com/HAPPY-BIRTHDAY-HALLE-2004-pg2.htm
Kamel : mario!!
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ....YAH>>>
Kamel : i'm in a state of shock!!!!
Kamel : it's on the tank top!!!!
ebil_owl_of_darkness: I will fix that
Kamel : X.X
Kamel : This is so... fucking unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamel : -squishes`
Kamel : and my other logo is on the pillow case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamel :
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...I am so happy for you buddy!!!!
ebil_owl_of_darkness: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamel : ^_____________________________________________^
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...what about me...
Kamel : ....you second
Kamel : this first
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...ya...
Kamel : -falls over in state of shock-
ebil_owl_of_darkness: I am with you buddy!
Kamel : omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
ebil_owl_of_darkness: OMG OMG that is very AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Kamel : She... knows.... who... I.... am...
Kamel : someone pinch me
ebil_owl_of_darkness: you have to Logos right?
Kamel : i don't think so
ebil_owl_of_darkness: 2 logos I meant
Kamel : nu
ebil_owl_of_darkness: oh because I saw two that look like yours
Kamel : ?
ebil_owl_of_darkness: well I thought I did...
Kamel 's status is now "I R HAPPEH!!!". (8/14/2004 6:07 PM)

ebil_owl_of_darkness: Kamel I is so very happy for you!!!!
Kamel : and they also used it for a towel!!!
Kamel : x.x
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...they did? I didn't see that
Kamel : -falls over again-
Kamel : I am in heaven....
ebil_owl_of_darkness: -me too-
Kamel : Ahhh!!! OMFG!!! I SO HAPPEH!!!
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Me Very scared right now.... [Aug. 13th, 2004|09:01 pm]
[lonely |scaredscared]

Ok sorry havn't been on in while, really difficult, don't ask...

This person is talking to me and I have no idea who it is and it's makin me very nervous....

dr_kaoru2000: hello
ebil_owl_of_darkness: hello?
ebil_owl_of_darkness: who dis?
dr_kaoru2000 : sup
dr_kaoru2000 : some1
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ok
ebil_owl_of_darkness: Uh how do I know you?
dr_kaoru2000 : u = stick
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...
ebil_owl_of_darkness: what?
dr_kaoru2000 : stick = ur nickname i call u
ebil_owl_of_darkness: nones ever called me that
dr_kaoru2000 : i do
ebil_owl_of_darkness: since?
ebil_owl_of_darkness: wait...how do you have my IM?
dr_kaoru2000 : i knew u
dr_kaoru2000 : i guess
ebil_owl_of_darkness: Ok then what's me name
dr_kaoru2000 : stick
ebil_owl_of_darkness: no what is my name that is on my birth certificate?
dr_kaoru2000 : mario
ebil_owl_of_darkness: thank you
dr_kaoru2000 : hahahhah
dr_kaoru2000 : a
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ok...I still very confoosed
dr_kaoru2000 : gewd
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...
ebil_owl_of_darkness: do you go to the Highschool
dr_kaoru2000 : yeah
ebil_owl_of_darkness: are you a chick?
dr_kaoru2000 : maybe
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ok Is it Ashly?
dr_kaoru2000 : no, dont noe that ppl
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...
ebil_owl_of_darkness: Ok so can I have A hint?
dr_kaoru2000 : i already gave u one
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...what?
dr_kaoru2000 : stick
ebil_owl_of_darkness: the 'maybe' thing
ebil_owl_of_darkness: I still have no idea....nobodys ever called Me that?
dr_kaoru2000 : well i guess u dont member then
ebil_owl_of_darkness: did you go to my elementary school?
dr_kaoru2000 : no
ebil_owl_of_darkness: how do you know
dr_kaoru2000 : cuz
ebil_owl_of_darkness: cuz why?
ebil_owl_of_darkness: was I ever good freinds with you in the past?....
dr_kaoru2000 : maybe
dr_kaoru2000 : maybe no
ebil_owl_of_darkness: ...please...
dr_kaoru2000 : its fun
dr_kaoru2000 : no
dr_kaoru2000 : hahhahaha
ebil_owl_of_darkness: that is so uncool
dr_kaoru2000 : no its fun
ebil_owl_of_darkness: that's not funny!! Are you freshmen?
dr_kaoru2000 : hahahhahaha
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